API V2 Rate Limits

Access to the MACLookup API V2 is subject to rate limiting. If you submit too many requests within a short period of time, you will be unable to submit further requests to the API until your limit resets.

This is to ensure that the API performs well for all users and that it is not possible for a single application to overload the server.

The MACLookup API V2 is configured to allow two default buckets:

Without API Key 2 requests/sec 10 K requests/day
With API Key 50 requests/sec 1.0 M requests/day

The returned HTTP headers of any API request show your current rate limits status:

    X-RateLimit-Limit: 60
    X-RateLimit-Remaining: 56
    X-RateLimit-Reset: 1372700873

Header Description
X-RateLimit-Limit The maximum number of requests you're permitted. The window is in seconds.
X-RateLimit-Remaining The number of requests remaining in the current rate limits window.
X-RateLimit-Reset The time at which the current rate limits window resets in UTC epoch seconds.
Retry-After HTTP header indicates how long the user agent should wait before making a follow-up request.


You are recommended to implement a local caching mechanism to reduce the number of requests you need to make to the server.