What does MACLookup do?

MAC address lookup is a straightforward process of searching for the manufacturer or vendor of a device's chipset based on its MAC address prefix.

This can be easily accomplished using MACLookup, which draws information from various widely recognized and reputable databases. To use the MACLookup tool, simply enter the MAC address prefix and perform a lookup, and the corresponding manufacturer information will be displayed.

In addition, we offer a free MAC address database and a fast REST API for seamless integration.


We continuously update our database by incorporating new vendors from the IEEE directory and Wireshark manufacturer database. The database contains over 49K mac address prefixes.


You can be confident that each search will yield the most accurate information regarding the manufacturer, vendor or organization, without the need to keep updating a database.


Our comprehensive dataset comprises MAC prefixes that are updated daily and can be obtained for no cost. The database can be downloaded in various formats from the link provided here.


The publicly available API can be accessed free of charge and it is optimized to handle a large number of requests with minimal delay.

69.2% 9.8% 11.2% 9.3%
MAC address blocks
  • MA-L: 33931 (69.2%)
  • MA-M: 4824 (9.8%)
  • MA-S: 5479 (11.2%)
  • CID: 165 (0.3%)
  • IAB: 4578 (9.3%)
Last update: 8 June 2023
MAC address: 49012
Vendors: 30038